The Adventure Story day tour service
The guides has great experienced!
Mechanics who acknowlege bike many years!
Vans with tailor transfer the bikes!
***KKS Cycling Team Hong Kong

The team who experienced Jayavarman II Kingdom 802C kulen Mountain where the Angkorain began. We arrange 100km ride from Siem reap through beautiful villages in the countryside to the mountain. Claim by bike to water fall and Elephant status on the top of spring forest moutain. It was un forgettable experienced we share to KKS team. they travels by their own bikes from Vietnam to Cambodia down the southern sea and ride all the way to Siem reap. They made a day tour with The Adventure Story. We offer our guide and mechanic plus a support van supplementary bike parts and first aids kit. The day after we took them visit bike shop and met few cyclists in town they very happy to share experienced during theirs ride in Cambodia. They are looking forward to do a multi-day trip next year.